SOUNDS LIKE? A whole clutch of 'c' words. Complicated, confusing, but compelling and created with care in mind, but chaos at heart. In truth, opening track Dimension Tension seems to be a track made from all of the one and two second 'good bits' and amazing moments taken from every album track you ever loved. There's shapeshifting synths that could as easily be from the first Rico album, there are barely pasted and half cut drum tones, there's a rising guitar core that's corrupted as it arrives and it really, really sounds like the soundtrack for one of the Iain M Banks 'Culture' novels. This is experimental music that pulls off the much claimed, but rarely accomplished trick of being genuinely experimental while remaining recognisable as music. This is intellect and discipline made sound, accessible and interesting, a rare treat.

IS IT ANY GOOD? Yes and it's taken from the "Tomorrow Knows Another" album that we can not only own for kudos, but play for pleasure.