tKatKa (pronounced 'Te-Kat-Ker') is a Swedish/English electro-pop duo based in London, and their 9-song full-length debut is a trippy blend of Autechre and Aphex Twin. "LazersLab" is a warm, up-tempo introduction to PJ Norman and Carlsson, who craft glitchy programming with atmospheric synths. There is a weird kind of 'out-of-experience' that transcends their sonic soundscapes, complete with meaty grooves and sublime melodic patterns. The dark mood driven "E.L.D.A.C." backed against the lighter "Storm Proof Weather" shows the ambient elements that make tKatKa a complex duo to pin-point. Purely instrumental, this debut steers clear of typical trip-hop arrangements. While the duo's mastery of beatwork is very evident, it's nice to hear a record more multi-dimensional than cold programming. Worth checking out.