Okay bit of a strange one this given that it didn’t come with the usual press sheet (which incidentally on this occasion we wouldn’t have lost). Instead a slip card accompanies the CD which initially threw us a slight curveball having us believing initially that this release was in fact called ’terrorknowledgeaction’. How daft we were - a quick check on the bands / labels website reveals that to be title of their forthcoming second full length due for release at the beginning of July. Last seen turning on the singled out turntable via their ’lazerslab’ single for Junk bait (see Missive 99 - blimey was it really two years ago - how time flies). This time of asking sees the Anglo Swedish duo going head to head with Tom Hickox a London based singer songwriter whose own debut album ’fear in a handful of dust’ released earlier this year has been wooing certain corners of the media with comparisons to Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen and the Super Furry Animals being quietly touted - recommendations indeed that lead us to believe we should be checking it out. This single features two taster cuts from that aforementioned set - ’grief hijackers’ and ’landeur Lloyd limit’ that reveal a stark shift in the mood, texture and technique of the Tkatka craft, ‘grief hijackers’ - the original mix of which - I think I’m right in saying - can be found via www.myspace.com/tomhickox - itself a tear stained and touchingly hurtful gem lying in wait for wider acclaim and affection is here deftly air brushed with a succulently amorphic nocturnal lull, crystalline electro orchestrations herald an expansive meter being brought to the proceedings that once applied endow the track with a sophisticated wide screen cinematic presence. Fades in slowly as the late Mr Peel would no doubt have quipped, hulking statuesque beats pierce the undulating solace of the cocooning ethereal climates, the spectral glazes and mantra like lunatic swirls creating a deliciously affecting glacial tenderness over which the apparition like visitation of Hickox’s enriched tones delicately lilt to undo your defences - reference wise think of a chilled out Ultramarine cavorting with the Aloof with Lionrock doodling about under the mixing desk . Flip the disc for the all to brief acoustic version of the drifting ’landeur Lloyd limit’ which provides a momentary chance for the catching of breath after the last cut while simultaneously carving for itself a breezy passage into some strangely absorbing and very much post folk rock noodling. That album is firmly on our wants list.