tKatKa 'Lazerslab' (Junkbait). Pronounced Te Kat Ker (proposed thoughts and possible answers on a post card to the usual address bearing the heading "what the f*** is TKATKA?". Tkatka are Anglo Swedish duo PJ Norman and Carlsson, accomplished musicians who according to the attending press release met at an institute of higher education (see those funds are being well spent) in the mid 90's and discovered a shared love of a sonic experimentation which permeated throughout like roots of a tree to muddy itself into a cross pollinating generic beast which finally settled and blossomed shoots in the pool of ambient / electro / techno terrains. Two cuts feature on this debut release and boy are they tasty morsels indeed, a peek of sorts for the duo's forthcoming debut full length which by all accounts has been causing something of a stir in DJ world. TKatKa craft out sumptuous slices of lilting electronic club floor inclined soundscapes. Reminiscent of mid 90's scene setters Biosphere and Future Sound of London 'Lazerslab' succulently flirts and orbits in a lushly amorphous netherworld that bridges the sublime grooves of the early Warp pioneers with the crystalline frosted elegance of today's leading lights (Naked Casino, d_rradio, expanding label et al). Curvaceously choreographed 'Lazerslab' is an intricate carnival of late night seduction that delicately dips into the shadowy terrains of Hacienda mid 80's subculture to provide a feast of chattering beats, conversing diodes coloured in an lulling humoresque haze of heavenly ripped suites and paraded with a hard as nails funky underlay. Flip the disc for the sumptuously cavernous 'E.L.D.A.C.' - a whirring collage of warping electro beat melodies salaciously herded together under a glazing chassis of deliciously manicured updated Miami Vice like grandeur that does it for us.