Swinging waaaay over on the age scale, you'd expect a song called 'Sequested in Memphis' (Rough Trade) to be sung by a bunch of Bush supporting, minority lynching, aging Texans. The Hold Steady are a bunch of not-so-young-but-not-that-old Brooklyn folk who probably don't lynch young hoodlums, but they sound like they do – and no usage of complicated (sic) diction is going to change that.

They probably can't pronounce tKatKa properly either. And anyway, if you want to get clever, 'Grief Hijakers' (100m) comes with a recommended volume level (72dB if you're interested) which we barely reach in the Bearded office because we have neighbours (good friends). If we did reach the epic proportions demanded by the sleeve notes, we'd be having a good time as its slowly warped electronic beats swirl through the air like rather pleasant larks. Rewarding in its fullness, you'd expect it to soundtrack a spooky art flick, but it won't because it's better than the film would be.