Relations, a synth-punk duo from Brooklyn, NY have finally brought out their new CD. Thoughtfully entitled the Relations EP, released on the UK-based 100M Records, the first thing that strikes you upon a first spin is the way that all four tracks, synth aside, have a fierce guitar underbelly. Embedded also with the subtle twisted tones of a reverb feedback, this masterful EP is annoying short, but enables you to hunger for what's to come next.

From auspicious beginnings as part of a Modern Lovers cover band, Terence Murren and Michael Sanders thankfully re-joined forces last year to create music; the result being this new EP. Indeed, it's their crashing, searing, distortedly guitars that light up the first track, 'Take No Sides,' before the more synth-driven 'A Savage Way To Live' comes forth. 'Careless Days' is next, with the more sedate 'Songbirds' the last track on this incredibly vibrant EP.