Fates is a collaboration between Django Voris, Moritz Wettstein, and PJ Norman who each hail from different countries and all share a common goal of creating minimalist experimental music with various electronic and organic instruments. On the group's debut effort Murky Circuits takes their live improvisations and condenses them down into six distinct tracks that each has its own sound and style. As with most music of this type, the more experimental/exploratory nature of this material will be a bit of an acquired taste but if you're looking for electronic music that is perfect for headphones this disc is worth checking out.

While some of the songs utilize a more minimalist approach than others, one of the elements that makes Fates distinguishable from its peers is a constant, driving beat. Even when the sound is fairly sparse and there are only a few instruments working in tandem there is a steady beat that keeps things moving along (and it also makes it so that each piece feels fairly cohesive and doesn't get lost in too much abstract experimentation). Moritz Wettstein hand built a few of the instruments used on Murky Circuits out of everyday objects that weren't traditionally used in the musical realm and this gives the songs some unique textures and sounds that aren't typical in electronic music. When you listen to this material with headphones it really takes on a life of its own as all of the various textures come together to create lush soundscapes. Although Fates can certainly be classified as an electronic band, they have elements that are closer to drone/ambient rather than the traditional techno classifications and this makes them quite interesting.

Whether you will enjoy Murky Circuits or not will depend on how much you can appreciate experimental electronic music that uses sparse instrumentation to create intriguing melodies. If you're a fan of many of the drone/ambient acts out there and don't mind that Fates utilizes a slightly more beat driven approach then consider giving this album a listen as it has some really absorbing ideas. Hopefully these three musicians will team up again and continue to experiment with their different instruments as it seems as though there is still a lot more areas left for them to explore.