Whirling in to the mix of eclectic sounds are references from many strains of music and it is perhaps not really a surprise that Django Voris has a sound to which not only does a classical music based UK radio station (BBC Radio 3) declare a real sense of joy but also I, a cynical '70s punk rocker and although it sits naturally in neither camp the way he is able to straddle both ends of the spectrum is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the out-put.

I have had the opportunity to listen to much of his back catalogue along with his new LP Constantopolis which is set for release later this month. I can't give you one particular reason why I should like this as: Jazz; Symphoneta and: Electro-loops all feature, I could however give you a myriad of reasons why I shouldn't, but I can't but help to recommend you spending some time to get to know Django Voris as the quality of the output and engagement is a must for my 'No idea, but I do' playlist. I guess as a pointer as to why – when someone can turn a freestyle jazz track into a dub reggae beat you just can't help be entranced.

It is with some pleasure that I introduce Django Voris for the sheer creativity and ability to compose music that ably spans the breadth of the spectrum delivering an out-put which captivates, entrances and takes the audience on a soaring auditory journey.