"A vivid alchemy of pop and post-punk."
Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1
"Absolutely gorgeous."
Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1
"The music that New York does best and loves best."
Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio 1
"A mash up of drum rhythms and soulful pads changing from uplifting to dark in a blink of an eyelid."
IDJ Magazine
"A combination of guitars and electro sounds with the hint of a rattlesnake in the background."
"A whirring collage of warping electro beat melodies salaciously herded together under a glazing chassis of deliciously manicured updated Miami Vice like grandeur."
Losing Today
"The mastery of beatwork is very evident, it's nice to hear a record more multi-dimensional than cold programming."
The Black And White Magazine
"Expect it to soundtrack a spooky art flick, but it won't because it's better than the film would be."
Bearded Magazine
"Experimental, rampant and very energetic."
Radio Onde Furlane
"Nebulous post-industrial soundscapes constantly tweaked and realigned to create one of the most original electronic records of the year to date. 4.5/5"
The Milk Factory
"Dizzying and compelling."
"Intellect and discipline made sound, accessible and interesting, a rare treat."
"Able to resonate a vast array of emotions utilising only his voice and an acoustic guitar."
Tom Brumpton, Extreme To Serene Radio
"Impossible to ignore."
Joe Marvilli, Consequence Of Sound
"Glass Rifle are a sonic battering of dischordant power pop, with killer guitar licks offsetting fierce beats that literally pummel you into submission."
Zolton, Lost At E Minor
"It's tight, incredibly crafted and stands alongside any classic American underground sound... it's just an impressive contemporary take on a genre that remains relevant thanks to Glass Rifle."
Jason Dean, 7Inches
"The guitars on this are fiercely savage in the way Wire or Wedding Present drive you with subtle use of feedback."
Review Stalker
"Moving, unconventional and provocative. Blazing a new trail in contemporary music"
Tony Mastrianni, National Music Writer
"It may be just the ideology of Norman and friends to make music so edgy and disquieting as to be maddening and mind scattering."
The Silent Ballet
"Worth checking out."
The Guardian